Global pharmaceutical majors agree to work together to hit carbon emission goals

With the pharmaceutical industry contributing as much as 4-5% of global carbon emissions, it's great to see some of the leaders in the industry doing their part. Seven of the biggest have teamed up to pledge to work together to reduce carbon emissions in supply chains, health-care delivery and clinical trials.  A joint effort that will enable the industry to achieve far more toward reducing industry emissions than individual companies could alone.

2023-05-17T21:23:00+10:30March 29, 2023|

Reverse logistics management, critical to clinical trials.

Good planning is paramount in the execution of Clinical Trials and so are the reverse logistics. Effective clinical trial reverse logistics are vital to ensure the smooth progression of the trial, equipment is maintained and environmental waste is minimised. Read more to understand the planning considerations necessary or contact BS3 to discuss your reverse logistics needs further.

2023-03-20T14:23:46+10:30March 20, 2023|
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