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Temperature controlled storage

If you work in either the pharmaceutical or veterinary drug industries, you’ll know all too well that temperature controlled storage is essential for maintaining the integrity of your products. You’ll know that pharmaceuticals and veterinary drugs cannot be stored in ordinary fridges or freezers but instead require specially designed cold storage solutions that offer both consistent and controlled temperature storage to maintain the composition of each specific product. In addition, it’s crucial these facilities offer high-level security to prevent any wrongdoing such as theft or tampering and contamination.

What is temperature controlled storage?

Essentially, temperature controlled storage refers to specialty storage that maintains a specific temperature at all times. This kind of storage is required for items that are at risk of damage or spoiling when exposed to certain climatic conditions such as extreme heat or moisture. Temperature controlled storage is also often well insulated, which offers added protection from dirt and dust, as well as dark to prevent damage from light. While pharmaceutical products and veterinary drugs will usually require cold storage solutions that maintain cold temperatures, many items also require consistently warm temperatures for their preservation. Storage between 15.0°C to 25.0°, for example, is often suited for the storage of specific items such as wine, artwork, antiques, documents or furniture. In the context of pharmaceuticals and veterinary drugs, most often cold chain storage will be the required option.

Why invest in premium quality cold chain storage management for your pharmaceutical and veterinary drug products?

Appropriate cold chain storage is a non-negotiable for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of pharmaceuticals of any kind. Cold storage solutions ensure your products are kept at optimal temperatures regardless of external conditions such as the climate of the geographic region you’re based in, or other uncontrollable factors such as power outages. Furthermore, by using professional climate-controlled storage with experts who are well-versed in storing certain products, you can rest assured that your products will be stored correctly in every way – from the right temperatures to the right position within a storage facility.

Choosing the right facilities will avoid extreme consequences such as:

  • Inactive vaccines that are effectively useless, wasting both time and money and potentially causing significant harm
  • Inaccurate clinical trial results which can also have long-lasting repercussions
  • Ineffective medications which can lead to devastating consequences and harmful safety issues
How BS3 can assist with the correct temperature-controlled storage for your products

At BS3, we have extensive experience, industry insights and in-depth know-how when it comes to providing temperature controlled storage facilities. We are a good distribution practices (GDP) certified business, offering and delivering management and storage services to the highest possible standards. Fully licensed to hold all medicines, drugs and other specialist products, we’ve provided effective tailored solutions to large corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses based both locally and internationally. Our clients include boutique manufacturers, wholesalers, and product owners whose products require distribution across Australia and overseas. We understand the importance of keeping these products safe and are equally passionate about playing a part in the health and wellbeing of those needing the medicines and vaccines we store and transport. Accordingly, we have rigorous quality & procedures in place from label checking to batch tracking, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your products are in the very best of hands at every step of the way.

Why choose us for your temperature-controlled storage solutions

Our clients choose BS3 as their trusted temperature controlled storage provider in Melbourne for many reasons. For instance, we offer:

  • A state-of-the-art temperature-mapped facility with multiple pharmaceutical storage options that can provide safe storage for products requiring storage within drug and poison schedules +2.0°C to +8.0°C and +0°C to 25.0°C
  • Strict health, safety, environment, and quality assurance practices as well as processes that ensure products are carefully picked, packed appropriately and safely contained in validated temperature-controlled packaging
  • Seamless operations that align with GDP protocols as well as Australian regulatory compliance standards
  • Flexible shipping solutions that can be tailored for low to high volume drugs, medicine, and biopharmaceuticals, ensuring your products can be moved safely both within Australia and overseas
  • High-end security protocols and systems that keep your products safe around the clock both in storage and in transit, and therefore prevent the risk of tampering or theft. These security measures include perimeter security fencing, CCTV cameras, internal fob access to restricted areas and an electronic alarm system. Accordingly, we can offer storage for Schedule 8 and 9 pharmaceuticals
  • A personalised portal on our Warehouse Management System to allow for the seamless processing of all transactions. This portal means you can efficiently check your stock levels out through sales orders and notify us of any incoming shipments wherever and whenever is most convenient for you
  • Wide-reaching national and international networks, allowing us to arrange for the swift delivery or receipt of your products no matter where in the world they are going or arriving from
  • A network of approved couriers that we trust implicitly to transport your products both safely and on time, as well as a range of cold chain packing solutions that maintain appropriate temperatures no matter how far your products need to travel
Our full-service temperature controlled storage solutions

At BS3, we offer premium end-to-end supply chain solutions, ensuring we can assist with the storage and distribution of your products. These services include:

  • Cold storage
  • Temperature-controlled environments
  • Storage of Schedule 2, 3 and 4 pharmaceutical products
  • Storage of Schedule 8 and 9 pharmaceutical products
  • Pick and pack services
  • Warehouse management and distribution services
  • Customised warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Specialist technical advice

We can tailor our solutions to suit your specific needs and are happy to help with storage requirements of any size – no job is too big or too small.

The Products we store at BS3 temperature controlled storage facility in Melbourne

At BS3, we are fully licensed to store all medicines, drugs and other specialist products. By specialising in this particular area of temperature controlled storage, we can offer unmatched expertise when it comes to providing the most effective, safe and secure storage solutions for a range of pharmaceuticals and veterinary drug products. This includes the storage of:

  • Pharmacy medicine (schedule 2)
  • Pharmacist-only medicine (schedule 3)
  • Prescription-only medicine or prescription animal remedy (schedule 4)
  • Controlled drugs (schedule 8)
  • Prohibited substances (schedule 9)
  • Pharmaceuticals for clinical trials
  • Orphan and niche products

To find out more about our temperature controlled storage in Melbourne and how we can help your business contact BS3 today.

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