BS3 provide specialist storage and distribution solutions for pharmaceutical goods. We are fully licensed and meet all Government regulations to store and distribute pharmaceutical goods.

BS3 have state of the art storage facilities for the storage of pharmaceutical goods. Located in a secure fenced premises with 24/7 monitoring and restricted access. BS3 cater for all your pharmaceutical security requirements.

Why do pharmaceutical goods require a high level of security?

Storage of pharmaceutical goods is regulated by strict legislation and guidelines to ensure goods are safely and securely stored.

The Poisons Standard (the SUSMP) is a legislative instrument used in conjunction with relevant State and Territories legislation. The SUSMP sets out the scheduling classifications and level of control on the availability of the poisons.

The Australian code of Good Wholesaling Practice for Medicines in Schedules 2, 3, 4, and 8 set out guidelines for States and Territories, including security arrangements, personnel and stock handling and control.

The Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations sets out the safe and secure storage, sale, supply, prescribing, administration and use of drugs, poisons, and controlled substances.

Pharmaceutical security requirements for Scheduled Drugs

Pharmaceutical security requirements differ based on the Drug and Poison Schedules. For example, schedule 2, 3 & 4 drugs are required to be in a secure facility, where access is only available to certain members of staff, this can be a secure access via a fob key. Schedule 8 drugs are required to be in a Vault with limited staff access.

Security controls for Schedule 8 & 9 Drugs?

Schedule 8 Drugs also known as ‘Controlled Drugs’ have strict legislative controls including how they are stored and handled. Controlled Drugs must be stored in a Vault with security monitoring devices such as cameras and PIR detectors. The Vault should also require two persons to gain access and be time delayed.

A Controlled Drugs register must be maintained, and records must be audited regularly. Disposal of Controlled Drugs must be done in accordance with local state/territory requirements.

Schedule 9 drug require specific licences per product for a facility to store. Schedule 9 are also required to be stored in a Vault with additional security measures.

Are all pharmaceutical products ‘Scheduled Drugs?

No, only certain pharmaceutical drugs are ‘Scheduled’ and require specialised handling and storage.

The Schedules are as follows:

  • Schedule 1: Not in use
  • Schedule 2: Pharmacy Medicines
  • Schedule 3: Pharmacist Only Medicines
  • Schedule 4: Prescription Only Medicine
  • Schedule 5: Caution – Drugs that have low toxicity levels and require caution in handling, storage, or use.
  • Schedule 6: Poison – Chemicals in which substances have moderate toxicity.
  • Schedule 7: Dangerous Poisons -Chemicals which are high toxicity which can cause death or severe injury.
  • Schedule 8: Controlled Drug – Substances that are likely to be abused and are likely to cause dependence.
  • Schedule 9: Prohibited substance – Sale, distribution, use, and manufacture is strictly prohibited.
  • Schedule 10: Chemicals so dangerous they are banned altogether.
Why is security so important in pharmaceuticals?

Our facility has the highest pharmaceutical security standards which safeguards our clients’ products from coming into the wrong hands and ensures that products are kept intact and safe for customer use. Not having stringent standards would allow for unauthorised access, possible theft, and misuse.

How does BS3 prevent security breaches?

Along with the security systems in place, BS3 have a quality system that is structured to ensure all staff have the appropriate training on how to maintain a safe and secure premise. All our staff are police checked and BS3 have measures in place to ensure unauthorised people cannot gain access. We only use approved courier services.


BS3’s site is 24/7 security monitored by an external company. We have cameras, PIR sensors, reed switches, door fobs with restricted access, and a securely gated premise.

Yes, we employ a specialised external company that monitors our site 24/7. They can dial in if there is a breach in security and follow the appropriate action plan if required.

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