BS3 provides pharmaceutical services including a variety of temperature controlled storage zones along with high security storage solutions for pharmaceutical companies. BS3 have custom built their facility to the exact standards of the pharmaceutical and life-science industries.
All pharmaceutical products are required to be stored at specific conditions. These can include:
  • Chilled cold chain (+2.0°C to +8.0°C)
  • Controlled room temperature (CRT, +15.0°C to +25.0°C)
  • Frozen (-20.0°C and below)
  • Deep frozen (ULT) -80°C
  • Cryogenics -200°C
  • Uncontrolled (no specific temperature)

The requirement for any of these depends on the specific characteristics of the product and is always included with registration documents at the TGA.

In Australia, the TGA has written the guidelines for storage requirements in the “Good Wholesaling Practice” (GWP). These are required to adhere to in-store pharmaceutical goods. These include:

BS3’s storage facilities include:
  • Walk-in vaults for storage of Goods with High Illicit Value (GHIV), Schedule 8 and Schedule 9 products.
  • A cool room (+2.0°C to +8.0°C)
  • A controlled room temperature area (+15.0°C to +25.0°C)
  • Deep frozen (ULT) -80°C
  • Cryogenics -200°C
  • Uncontrolled pallet storage
  • Temperature monitoring of all storage areas, which comply with 21CFRpart 11 /EU GMP Annex 11, requirements for Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures.

In addition to the GWP, each state /territory of Australia has separate legislation governing pharmaceutical storage and usage. All pharmaceuticals are classified into a class of poison schedules (S1-S10). Each schedule has different control requirements depending on the classification of the product. For example, S8 & S9 products must be stored in a vault and each movement in & out of the vault must be recorded in a register. While S2 products have little physical controls governing their storage.

BS3’s facility is protected by perimeter security fencing, CCTV cameras, internal fob access to restricted areas, and an electronic alarm system, all of which exceed the minimum requirements mandated by the Poisons License. The high level of security means that we can offer storage to Schedules 8 & 9.

All transactions are processed through this portal. It allows customers to 24/7 monitoring of their stock levels, put through sales orders, and notify BS3 of incoming shipments.

When sending goods, BS3 uses only approved couriers to transport your products to ensure timely and safe transport. BS3 has a range of cold chain packaging solutions that will ensure your product will arrive in temperature regardless of whether your product is being transported interstate or internationally.

Pharmaceutical Client Portal

BS3 provides all authorised clients with bespoke client interface access to our Warehouse Management System.

  • Create and manage their own inventory.
  • Full visibility & reporting of stock levels.
  • The ability to create sales and purchase orders.
  • Automated real-time updates and alerts regarding your stock and shipments.
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