BS3 offers clinical trial supply, advanced storage, logistics, and distribution for a wide array of products. This includes pharmaceuticals and clinical trial products that often require strict temperature-controlled environments.
BS3’s role in clinical trials

Essential clinical trial studies help the medical community develop new ways to potentially prevent or treat various conditions.  In the absence of this form of clinical research, and the participants who enroll in them, modern medicine would be non-existent.

With a clear understanding of the clinical trial process, BS3 is able support you through the process of carrying out these essential studies.

Strategically located in Melbourne, BS3 offers state of the art temperature-controlled storage environments, logistics and distribution for a wide array of products and clinical trial supply.

BS3 strives to be the frontrunner for excellent boutique pharmaceutical clinical trial storage with our strategic distribution partners.  Our team of experienced and dedicated experts are continuously reviewing our clinical trial supply and pharmaceutical storage procedures to guarantee pristine product safety and efficacy.

Our services include:

  • Strict temperature control monitored/recorded back to base
  • Controlled room temperature (CRT) storage 15-25°C
  • Reliable and flexible customer support
  • Security alarmed and monitored protection 24/7
  • State-of-the-art WMS TMS documentation management
  • Cold Chain experts who use only fully validated systems
  • Storage and distribution of products with Schedules 2, 3, 4, 8 & 9.
  • Validated temperature-controlled packaging and batch tracking
  • Frozen -20°C , Deep Frozen -80°C and, +2.0°C to +8.0°C storage for sensitive materials (e.g. raw materials, vaccines)
  • Options for validated passive and active transport solutions
  • S8/9 licensed storage vaults

Temperature mapping, which is also referred to as thermal mapping, is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that BS3 utilizes to monitor and maintain temperature compliance for the storage facility. This process helps prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations in all controlled areas, including our warehouses, refrigerators, and vehicles.

Sustained product stability through 24/7 temperature monitoring is achieved with our state-of-the-art monitoring system.  This system sends alerts through texts and email messages to designated team members if temperatures fall outside of the required temperature range.  This 24/7 monitoring process relies on continuous temperature checks in all areas and ensures rapid resolution if a problem arises.

These procedures provide optimal product quality and documentation management by maintaining the integrity of vital supplies that often include enzymes, antibodies, vaccines, medicine, and other biological reagents.

Validated temperature-controlled cold chain packaging

This key service offered by BS3 ensures that the temperature of clinical supplies is maintained from the point of manufacture to the point of patient administration. Members of our highly trained team review validation documents from the cold chain packaging system to ensure it has been tested adequately. We also conduct performance testing in the field, which is one of the most important steps in the cold chain packaging process.

This test is performed periodically to evaluate our entire system. In particular, it tests whether the products are at the right temperature when they are packaged as well as the temperature of the gel or ice packs the operator uses in the insulated packing containers. The performance test is conducted seasonally at various locations to make sure the system is working proficiently during all seasons and through various routes.

Safe storage and distribution

Our team of experienced and dedicated experts are continuously reviewing our clinical trial supply, logistics and pharmaceutical storage procedures to guarantee pristine product safety and efficacy. Unlike other merchandise and goods, cold chain products such as clinical trials or other pharmaceuticals are typically perishable items. Even when such items are held temporarily in cold stores (e.g. refrigerated vehicles), the entire logistics cycle must be able to safeguard the integrity of the goods. In particular, adequate cold storage is a crucial means of preventing quantitative and qualitative supply losses.

BS3 offers advanced storage and distribution services that account for unexpected factors (e.g., manufacturer or shipping delays) that may arise. The demand for clinical supplies, including vaccines, has dramatically increased and BS3 has implemented numerous changes that ensure our company can successfully accommodate such demands. BS3 strives to be the frontrunner for excellent pharma and clinical trial storage and distribution requirements.

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