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Temperature Controlled Storage Solutions

BS3 manage specialist products requiring cold storage between +2.0°C to +8.0°C to ensure their integrity and quality.

Our solutions, including ambient storage (15-25°C), are tailored to your requirements, and we offer solutions for products that do not require temperature control.

BS3 have the facilities, experience and training to handle schedule 8 and 9 products across any industry sector that requires unique, large or small space and tailor-made storage facilities.

We offer on-demand pick and pack services depending on individual requirements. Our facility utilises management systems that client reps can access to check and manage stock and track deliveries 24/7. 

Our warehouse team assist with stock ordering via our secure online platform giving you complete visibility and product management options. We ensure your products and goods are securely packed and exit our facility utilising your preferred transport system.

Our unique and secure WMS has swift, automated data entry systems with mobile scanning capabilities that allow us to accurately pick, pack, and manage your products’ stock levels and enables effective and reliable third-party logistics management.

Why is GDP so important?

Good distribution practices (GDP) are essential in the pharmaceutical industry. If they are not correctly managed or stored, products and people are at risk from potential and unexpected contamination.

From temperature-controlled storage, label checks, batch tracking or high-end security protocols, BS3 ensure products are carefully monitored and protected from the moment they arrive at our facility.

BS3 are certified
ISO9001-15 & GDP

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BS3 are a trusted
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Cold Chain Storage

Our job is to ensure your products and customers are cared for at the highest level.

Medicines and vaccines require precise storage and transportation to ensure their integrity. We are passionate about contributing to the wellbeing of those requiring medicines and specialist products that must be effectively temperature-controlled and delivered swiftly and accurately.

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