Our clients are specialist manufacturers, wholesalers, and product owners with one or multiple products requiring distribution across Australia and overseas.

Why partner with BS3?
BS3’s Melbourne facility provides specialist pharmaceutical storage & distribution options.
Storage solutions for products requiring +2.0°C to +8.0°C and +15.0°C to +25.0°C and frozen; ULT -80°C including Cryogenic -200°C
We are licensed to store Schedule 8 & 9 pharmaceuticals in our secure vault
BS3 provides medical cannabis storage & waste management
We are fully licensed to hold all medicines, drugs and other specialist products including Schedule 2, 3, 4, 8 & 9.
BS3 is a temperature mapped & 24/7 monitored facility with with restricted only access
Our operations align with GDP protocols and meet all Australian regulatory compliance standards.
BS3 is ISO9001-2015 certified ensuring strict quality standards are always followed managing your products.
We provide second to none, industry expertise and standards.  Ensuring your products are stored and managed securely.
Flexible shipping solutions for low to high volume drugs, medicine and biopharmaceuticals.
Products are picked, appropriately packed and safely contained in validated temperature-controlled packaging (when required).
Our staff adhere to strict health, safety, environment, and quality assurance practices.
We support companies by providing quality services that protect their products, enhance their brand quality, ensure business continuity, and increase bottom line profits.
Who are our partners?

Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceuticals for
clinical trials

Specialist Schedule 8 and 9 products

Medical Cannabis manufacturers & wholesalers

Domestic and Overseas Manufacturers

Orphan and niche

Contingency Storage

Dental Practitioners

BS3 helps you maximise your products’ quality through monitored environments and ensure they are safely packed and dispatched directly to your customers.
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